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Welcome to our authentic luxury lifestyle brand TRUE LOVE! It represents a world of emotion, philosophy and products of commitment. TRUTH and LOVE are the values behind TRUE LOVE; It is inspired by nature, designed with love and is manufactured and produced by true people enjoying true lives. This is the philosophy of TRUE LOVE that we create for the world.

TRUE LOVE respects life and nature through gratitude and humility; TRUE LOVE is devoted to its reliability for producing high-quality products that represent a true and pure kind of understated nobility. Through our mission to help create a sustainable future, we infuse our products with a true and pure kind of love by adhering to our high standards for social ethics, environmental respect and a sense of mindfulness for responsible manufacturing. As such, TRUE LOVE creates a new standard for the meaning of nobility in luxury products.

This mindset demands that TRUE LOVE products be created for eternity and that they be a daily source of pure luxury and happiness for our customers. We inspire our customers, our TRUE LOVE family, to make an informed decision to buy an object of desire that will provide them a lifetime of pleasurable use.

Our lovingly made products are produced in small family-owned factories in Tuscany. The creation is based on a combination of precious natural materials, timeless designs and traditional craftsmanship.


Our World


At TRUE LOVE, we create our products in a balanced and respectful way with nature. Sustainability is the new luxury paradigm that is the basis for a better environment. TRUE LOVE is a luxury brand whose management takes seriously our responsibility to protect our planet and to conserve its natural resources.

At TRUE LOVE, we care about our impact on our climate and natural resources; We collaborate for the good of our employees, artisans, suppliers and consumers; We create pioneering ideas to safeguard our rich heritage and a world in which everyone thrives through social, environmental and economic progress.

TRUE LOVE represents a journey for our customers toward the pleasurable use of sustainable and meaningful luxury goods.

Our World


At TRUE LOVE, we aspire to leave behind a world that is as beautiful and abundant as the one we inherited, and we believe it is our responsibility to protect the beauty and biodiversity of our natural world. Time is short if we are to save the remaining rainforests for future generations and preserve the beautiful biodiversity that these rainforests harbour.

With our commitment to protecting natural resources, we are taking the first step towards conserving the beauty of our world for a sustainable future.