09 Jul 2019

Footprint – Sustainable Luxury is the Future

Sustainability is the new luxury paradigm. It is one of the most valuable resources that is key for future success of any company. A corporate strategy of sustainability is a means to foster growth, drive innovation and strengthen brand value in the context of rapid market changes. In the competitive world of luxury goods, companies focused […]

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28 May 2019

Corporate Culture with a Family Spirit

Ethics, respect, love and mindfulness towards people and nature are the foundation for a healthy corporate culture with a family spirit. In the tension between tradition and transformation, a family environment based on trust, appreciation, commitment and traditional values is a decisive competitive factor to sustainably improve loyalty and ultimately profitability and innovative strength. A […]

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08 May 2019

Travel in Style

TRUE LOVE launches its first TRAVEL IN STYLE collection created for the modern man with class and style. The collection captivates with its timeless and functional design and is a source of pure luxury. The stylish travel companions are precisely handcrafted in Italy from finest vegetable tanned and grained leather. Each TRUE LOVE object is […]

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15 Apr 2019

Sustainability – The new Luxury Paradigm

Luxury brands exist due to their timelessness, stability of value, tradition of high quality, mindfulness of aesthetics and their creators’ high demands on product innovation – these characteristics are in high demand in today’s technology-focused world. Consumers also want to be emotionally touched by their experiences and at the same time maintain strong ideals of […]

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03 Apr 2019

Handcrafted Luxury Sneaker

TRUE LOVE launches its first exclusive collection of luxury sneakers made from precious natural materials and sustainably handcrafted in Italy by boutique ateliers. The collection is designed with class and style for men and is available in several premium leather finishes, from the finest cowhide to ostrich and fine nubuck crocodile skins. The inner lining […]

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12 Mar 2019

Love for Craftsmanship

Neither a recession nor a mature market kept the Swiss and cosmopolitan Heinz Ramseier from creating a new brand world of emotion, philosophy and products of commitment. TRUE LOVE has arisen from an inner attitude towards pure luxury, love for craftsmanship and the essences TRUTH and LOVE. The creation is based on Swiss design, craftsmanship, […]

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