Swiss luxury brand TRUE LOVE and Macromedia University of Applied Sciences in Freiburg collaborate and are staging an artistic love story between dancers: «ART OF LOVE»

The emotional love story of a young couple is a new audiovisual interpretation of the theme: «What means TRUE LOVE to you?» in the form of dance, music, art and emotions.

The inspiration for the performance project came from a graduate of the media management course at the Macromedia Freiburg, who has a passion for dance and movement.

In order to give the «ART OF LOVE» dance video a deeper emotional value, the guests of the TalentCamp on June 29, 2019 at the Macromedia Freiburg can participate in the danced love story and enrich the analogue pictures with their own emotions on the subject: «What means TRUE LOVE to you?» The contributions are then integrated into the dance video and create an additional level of expression in the video.

The artistic staging of the «ART OF LOVE» video will then be carried out beyond social media into the world with the intention of awakening positive emotions and establishing a deeper value connection with a new generation.

Macromedia Freiburg, the university for the design of digital change, and the Swiss company TRUE LOVE, which stands for sustainable luxury and emotion, support young talents and their creative potential.

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