Love for Craftsmanship

Neither a recession nor a mature market kept the Swiss and cosmopolitan Heinz Ramseier from creating a new brand world of emotion, philosophy and products of commitment.

TRUE LOVE has arisen from an inner attitude towards pure luxury, love for craftsmanship and the essences TRUTH and LOVE. The creation is based on Swiss design, craftsmanship, extraordinary materials and timelessness. All TRUE LOVE products are made almost entirely in Tuscany in small artisans’ factories, which places a strong emphasis on exquisite craftsmanship and superior quality. Heinz Ramseier is driven by the vision to preserve, encourage and promote traditional craftsmanship and bring it back to Europe. Human hands will always possess the unique ability to create meaningful and beautiful objects of desire.

For the founder of TRUE LOVE it is important to create luxury products that have a soul and are for eternity. For a conscious clientele seeking a new, more noble form of luxury, pure luxury and an emotional value connection with the brand have become an integral part of their lifestyle. TRUE LOVE creations are timeless treasures for lovers of high craftsmanship and understatement, who estimate materialization, value and nobility. Moreover, they are designed to underline the personality of the wearer.

At TRUE LOVE pure luxury and sustainability complement each other. Heinz Ramseier places strong emphasis on an environmentally friendly and socially responsible production over the entire product life cycle. Ethics, respect, love and attentiveness are at the heart of his mission for a sustainable future.

Heinz Ramseier: The creative mind of TRUE LOVE has an inspiring and authentic personality with a strong sense of family and true generosity. Integrity, reliability, trust and gratitude are further attributes that characterize him. He lives with his partner in Zurich and Florence and enjoys a meaningful, simply luxurious life.